Intercollegiate Riding at SUNY Geneseo

Leg Up Stables is proud to be the home of the 20th Varsity team at SUNY Geneseo, competing in Zone 2 Region 2 in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). If you're interested in learning more about the team, read below!


The Team

The size of the team is between 30-35 members per year. We welcome all level of riders from Beginner (Walk/Trot in IHSA) to Advanced (Open). Of course, we are always looking for a good rider, but even more so, we're looking for people who are dedicated, passionate about the sport, and open to learning new skills. Each year the team holds a barn orientation where girls interested in trying out for the team can ride. We would like to see you ride several times before Coach Sanford makes a decision about the team. If you are coming to Geneseo and you are interested in the team, please contact Coach Sanford about informational meetings in the early fall. Team members are expected to ride in two lessons per week, “hack” (or exercise the horse without taking a lesson) two more times per week, and perform weekly barn chores and horsemanship tasks. Lessons are group lessons ranging from 3-5 riders in a lesson, for an hour. All lessons and transportation are provided for by the college. 


The Non-Competing Team

Also known as the Club Team, this group of young ladies does not compete in IHSA shows but is still an integral part of the program. The Club Team members usually take one lesson per week which they pay on their own. Club Team members are more than welcome to hack horses any number of times per week for no extra charge. The riders on the Club Team are given the same respect and support as the riders of the Varsity Team. In fact, many lessons will be mixed Club and Varsity due to scheduling. We promote unity and support throughout all of the riders at Geneseo.


The Barn

The home of the Equestrian Team is Leg Up Stables. The property is located 3 miles from the college and spans over 200 acres. There are about 75 horses on the farm representing many different breeds. The facility is set up to support breeding, training, and riding instruction. Outside of team activities, riders may become involved in the training of green horses. Boarding is also an option for those bringing their own horses to school. For those interested in boarding information, please contact us.


The Horse Shows

Because we are an IHSA Team, we compete in 6-8 horse shows per year. 2-3 of these shows per year will be hosted by our team and all riders are expected to work hard to get the job done. We compete in one of the largest and most competitive regions in the country and ride against 13-15 other schools. Many of our school horses and boarders' horses are used in our home shows.


If you have any other questions, please email us at We can send more specialized information when we know what you're looking for.


If you would like to learn more about the team from a team member's perspective, feel free to contact our captains Haley Brown or Samantha Shepard. They would be happy to answer any questions you have about the team. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a barn visit, please call the barn at 585-243-3579.