The Painted Pony Cottage

The Painted Pony Cottage

Have you booked a stay at the Painted Pony Cottage?

If not, see our cottage on VRBO.

Are you choosing to bring your own horse, or ride a trained lesson horse? We can accommodate both!

If your horse is traveling with you, we have a private paddock available, or 12x12 box stalls. The stable facilities are also open to use.

If you're arriving without a trailer load, we have many horses available at all skill levels. We provide lessons in English riding, grooming, and horsemanship.


  • Outdoor (200x90) and 2 Indoor rings (120x60 and 200x80)
  • Indoor and outdoor riding rings
  • Half-mile racetrack
  • Cross country jumps
  • Wooded trails on the property


  • Riding on the flat and over fences
  • We have well schooled, quality horses to improve your skills from beginner to advanced
  • All tack and horse equipment is provided, though you may ride in your own saddle if you wish

Please contact Alexandra for scheduling at